Safety and Health Management Policy

Considering life and safety of all employees as the core value of the company,
the company does its best to make a safe and healthy workplace
for all members by establishing a sustainable safety and health system.

Making a Safe and Healthy workplace

A safety culture that everyone builds together

Safety goals of the CEO

Members' own safe daily life

With the determination that
“there is no future for the company if it is not safe”,
all the employees sincerely follow the rights and obligations regarding safety and health activities.
1. The CEO shall make protection of workers' lives and build a safe work environment as the highest priority in the corporate management activities.
2. The company shall establish and operate a sustainable safe and healthy management system, and shall comply with the safety and health laws and regulations and perform faithfully.
3. The company shall identify harmful and risk factors through participation of workers and must share the causes and the countermeasures through education.
4. Labor and management shall work together to form a two-way safety culture that makes safe and health working environment.
5. Members themselves shall actively participate in making a safe and pleasant workplace.