Welcome to the homepage of KORYO Nobel EXPLOSIVES CO., LTD.

"Flames of passion and challenge shall color the future in bright light."
Hello! This is the CEO of KORYO Nobel EXPLOSIVES CO., LTD., Choi Soo-kyung.

Our company was established in 1993, and supplies industrial explosives to the domestic market by developing safe and efficient 3rd-generation "emulsion explosives" through technical cooperation with Dyno Nobel, TITANOBEL of Europe—the home of modern explosives, as well as the global enterprise of Orica.

We can confidently say that emulsion-based explosives produced and supplied by our company for the first time domestically have safety, efficiency and eco-friendly characteristics, have already demonstrated excellent performance in diversified fields, and conform to the eco-friendly standards that will be applied more strictly in the future.

Through ceaseless R&D, we are developing products capable of satisfying customer requirements, and are leading the way into the future, while all our executives and employees revel in the heart and flames of passion and challenge to maintain, until the very end, our initial intention of making products that are recognized globally.

KORYO Nobel EXPLOSIVES CO., LTD. will continue to brighten flames for customers and society in the future also.
Thank you.

CEO Choi Soo-kyung